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Welcome to the website of Uptown Gallery Richmond Virginia's Premier Artist's Co-op

As an artist's co-op, Uptown Gallery allows each visitor to experience the artwork and the artists who created it. The gallery's unique feature is that it is staffed by the artists themselves. Each time you visit the gallery you will have the rare opportunity to meet one of the artists whose work is shown here. The gallery has more than 30 outstanding artists, with work in a varied palette of media and techniques.

Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm

first Fridays
Uptown Gallery is open the first Friday of every month 5pm - 9pm. During the first Friday opening light refreshments are served.
 Reception Friday August 1st 5pm to 9pm 

New Exhibit Legacy Art Exhibit of art by William Alan Youngblood (1915 - 2009)
This is an excellent chance to view the works of the late, beloved William Youngblood.

Raised in rural Tennessee during the Depression, he came from humble beginnings. In an interview late in life, he said, "My folks left nothing. What I'll leave are my paintings." His paintings, however, are quite special: visual poetry that offers calmness and peace.

These timeless paintings are musings on life and death and man's place in the universe. He used watercolors, acrylics and gouache to convey the peace of nature: fields and rivers, wildflowers, mountains and shores. He also sketched and painted the strivings of man and his activities which may temporarily prevail, but then slowly sink back into time: sagging buildings, old cars, rusted equipment.

The exhibit runs through September 27th.
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Continuing Exhibit "Paint, Paper, Paste: Two Artists, Two Views"
Our July exhibits are exploding with color! In the Main Gallery, featured artists Dare Boles and Marti Franks offer an exhibit of collages and watercolors called “Paint, Paper, Paste: Two Artists, Two Views”. Both artists love color, but use it very differently, and also work in quite different media. Although both have quiet pieces, Ms. Franks’ charming watercolor landscapes and florals tend toward subtle use of pure colors, while Ms. Boles often chooses bright, jewel-toned colors to get her theme of women’s issues across.

In the Frable Gallery, guest artist Sarah Hoyle continues the theme of color with “Stop & Smell the Roses”, but her vivid watercolor florals (not limited to just roses) display an entirely different style than that of Ms. Franks, coming right out and asking for attention rather than attracting through subtle gentleness. Also, in the ELM Loft space, the ongoing “Richmond Sampler” invitational exhibit is attracting much attention as one of the best shows of the year with the quality of the artists and the variety of styles and subject matter.

The opening reception will be on Friday August 1, from 5 to 9 P.M.

Both exhibits run from July 1 through August 30, 2014.
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Driving Directions
Click for Driving Directions. Free parking is available when you visit Uptown Gallery. You may park in the parking lot at the corner of Randolph and Main Streets. There is an entrance on Randolph Street.

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